About Us

The VapeSuperStore is very pleased to be expanding into the Calgary regional market with our new store in Okotoks. We chose Okotoks because of it's friendly and energetic environment. Okotoks will have access to all the newest releases in vape hardware and the best selling e-liquids from around the world.

With our price match promise and expert knowledge, we help vapers Canada-wide find the right product at the right price, all in one store.



Faster Access to New Products

As the market for e-cigs and vape products changes and diversifies so quickly, our teams are constantly updating our stock with new and innovative product releases and on average Vape SuperStore receives new products quicker than our competition. 

You’ll find all our newest listings of devices, e-liquids, and all sorts of other vaping supplies and accessories right here. Whether you’re looking for a better box mod or a new vape pod, or just something different to vape in a dessert-you will find our selection huge!

 Expertise in Vaping:

Our Okotoks store will have the benefit of drawing on the experience from all our stores, so if you have a question that we can't answer in Morden, the expertise is just a phone call away. If you are having trouble with your custom coil building or want to know about the newest 420 devices for your personal journey-we have the experience.